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Silked And Stained

About us

Silked & Stained is a Hard Rock band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2013. Their first single “Much Love” was featured at Pure Rock 7 compilation by Atlantis Records and has gained a lot of attention, receiving good airplay and staying at the top 20 chart of Atlantis Fm 105,2 almost for 2 months. “Much Love” was also selected to be featured in a Compilation CD along with an interview at “Fireworks” magazine in the UK.

“The guys seem to have the whole package! They’re young,talented and stage presence!Seems that they will be one of the upcoming bands that will dominate the Hard Rock scene in Greece. If you listen to some of their tracks such as “Much Love”, you’ll understand what I’m talkin’ about. The steps they’ve taken so far show that they mean business. I’m certain that if they keep up like this, their future is bright! It’s all a matter of time before they sign their first contract with a good label. Kick ass stuff! ” – George “Snaki” Lane (BErock Radio)

“Their own material sounds hopeful. We can easily place them in the American Hard Rock genre between 87′ – 92′ era” (Metal Hammer Greece)

During that time Silked & Stained have played many gigs at many venues in Athens receiving great feedback from audiences and media too, creating their fanbase. Greatest accomplishments so far are the feature in Pure Rock 7 Compilation of Atlantis records, the interview and feature to another compilation by the well known UK Magazine Fireworks for issue 69.

Most recent achievements was the 3rd place award at Warfield Competition organized by Metal Hammer Magazine Greece and Remedy live Club as well as playing live along big names such as Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Wild Rose, Hell in The Club, Outloud and George Gakis and many others as opening acts, getting very good reviews in the process.

2016 found them at CFN recording studio recording their debut album with Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, Foray Between Ocean) as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

In 2017 Silked & Stained signed with Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for the worldwide release of their debut album “Love On The Road”.



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